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talk to your doctor about toviaz. >> shepard: even though he passed out on stage in london hours earlier, appears the biebs had the strength to get really mad at a photographer. [bleep], [bleep]. >> you're walking. >> [bleep], [bleep]. [bleep]. [bleep] >> shepard: all five feet of him getting all big and mean. had to bleep every word. a whole bunch of f-bombs in there after reflection the biebs sent out a few tweets including this one: sometimes when people are shoving cameras in your face all day and yelling the worst things possible at you, well, i'm human. rough week. and it has been. the higher they climb -- i'm
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shepard smith. it's it for "studio b." right few it's "your world" time. >> wrapping up a record week. because washington is finally cutting? i'm in for neil could suit testimony this is your world. after weeks of fear mongering, remember this from president exactly one week ago today. listen. >> we'll get through this. this is not going to be a apocalypse, as some people have said. >> well, is it any wonder he was dialing it back? as far as we can tell, teachers are still teaching, kids are still getting vaccines and no one is eating mr. ed, and stocks, the dow up 300 points this week and smashing records in the process. today's jobs numbers helping with that a bet.
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so, scott martin says it's the cuts that deserve the credit. scott? >> stock market -- >> got on my plane this morning. >> your private plane. >> private-right. what's funny, that clip reminds me of august of 2011 when we talked about this first debt ceiling issue. there would be all these problems, social security checks, national parks. none of it happened. so is the stock market reacting to finally -- by the way, this isn't even really cutting. >> that's they part. the spending is going up. it's the proverbial comment we tell our kids where you crawl before you walk, you walk before you can run. listen, eric, if justin bieber can cut spending, why can't the u.s. -- the think the market says this is a steep at least interest in the right direction.
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there's no budget. >> don't you think the stock market is more tied to ben bernanke and his monetary policies? >> ben is front and center and loves it. ben wilt be out in a year. this is totally a fed-supported market because, eric, with rates sub2%, you have to buy stocks to get return. >> guess what happened today? for the first time since president obama has been president, the unemployment rate is below the level when hi took over. >> how about that. took almost four years to do that. the unemployment -- parttime workers, workers fringely attached to the labor market. still over 14% you. won't hear that from him. but if you look at the labor rate, nobody is looking for work. that's an all-time low. >> but not a bad thing. >> the jobs market is getting -- >> let's do that. better than it's been. not quite as good at it should
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be considering we're three in into recovery. >> we are 7.7% unemployment. what's the new normal. 6%, that's great? back in the day, 4-1/2%. >> which sounds nice. that's a great question. the new normal probably is 6%. ben bernanke says it's 6.5% and that's whence he pulls out the stimulus. i don't know how we get there. >> if he is accurate and minneapolis what he says and says what he means, that means he is going to continue to stimulate the stock market until unemployment is 6.5%. a lot of ways upside in stocks. >> and you're darned right and qe infinity is not a job creator but get a few more people jumping out of the labor statistics stoppedded looking for work, you will get to the 6.6. >> now another sequester warning backfiring about vaccines.
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>> 250,000 children who received vaccine. the cdc assists the white house in preparing that estimate. >> i have to get back to you on that. >> you as the director -- you assisted preparing an estimate contributed to every member of congress? >> an hat specific -- >> let forget the number. is this the vaccine for children program? >> no. >> which program. >> yes. >> what did the president's budget do to 317? >> the president's prospective budget for 2013. >> the precise numbers -- >> 58 million cuts sound familiar? >> yes. >> was decree sequester tut? >> again, i -- >> does 30 million sound familiar? >> i -- >> you think that's ballpark. so actually the president cut the program twice as much in his budget, is it your testimony that under the president's proposed cut of $58 million to
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31 program you could have avoided cuts to vaccines for children in maryland. >> we didn't believe we could have maintain vaccination levels. >> so the president's budget cuts, twice as much but doesn't hurt the okayeds and the sequester cuts half that amount and does hurt the kids. as for maryland seeing 2,000 few are vac nations, the "washington post" awarding that claim not one but two pinocchios. the town hall says it's time to end all of the sequester lies. the lies, fear mongering. >> it's a combination of both, eric. i want to commend you for your very generous offer to get the white house tours going again. it's like 74 grand a month. i think hannity pitched in as well. i don't make your money but i've got five dollars with your nail on it. >> we're going to talk about that in a second. this lawmaker had that guy in the crosshairs and what happened? >> it was -- they were caught
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red-hasn't. that was congressmann andy harris from maryland and he was able to demonstrate with the cdc director in front of him, all the scare tactics from the administration, these kids won't get vaccines anymore. the president0s own budget would have cut that exact program in that state by double, and yet they had anticipated out of the president's budget no problems or interruption of vaccination services for kids. so not just on the cdc but the white house tours, the janitor claims, the teacher pink slip claim issue there's been one example after another of this administration just factually lying to the american people in order to scare them about the sequester, and now that the sequester has happened and we all surveyed, they are inflicting intentionally, deliberately, as much pain as possible unnecessary pain, in order to justify their political -- >> we just put a full screen up
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there about the president when he claimed the white house janitors were going to get paycut. "washington post" came out with their pinocchio on that, so four pinocchios for that one. >> so the first claim about the janitors, they got four pinocchios on that. then they retroactively changed the reason and what the president really meant. and then that new updated claim, four more pinocchios. they can't stop lying about this. here's the thing. if you're an american taxpayer you should be mortified by this. you have a president -- carroll from the washington examiner -- a president for perhaps the first time in history whose political interest are leading him to, on purpose, make pain. >> why is there a concert effort to scare the american public? what's it in for them? >> a lot more future battles over spending coming up. if we can show, conservatives
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can dem mob straight -- demonstrate that a teensy weansy spending cut is -- they say armageddon is coming and then armageddon doesn't come, that hurt their credibility in the future when they use the exact same tactics, which they will inevidently, which is why they are so wedded to this narrative, and eric, totally cracked me up yesterday. politico had a story that the white house is recalibrating their messaging on the sequester, they want to, quote, deelm fa size the voracity of their statements. >> shy that do that before they deliver the statements. >> right. >> thanks, eric. >> you're looking live at the white house. now closed to the public.
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>> thank you for calling the white house visitor office. due to staffing reductions resulting from sequestration jessica, we regret to inform that white house tours will be cancelled effective saturday, march 19th. until further notice. >> the last tour ending 1:30 this afternoon. the white house insisting today it has no other alternative. >> why should be wi not conclude the choice of ending the tours by the white house was made to inflict maximum pain on congress and the very publicly -- since you could have trimmed the secret service budget in other ways? >> well, i'm not sure the secret service would acknowledge that. >> close the tours. >> well, i -- >> is that an option? >> i'm not sure that's what they would say if you asked them. >> that's not helping the kid like these who had their hearts set on visiting the white house. >> the white house is our house.
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>> as you might have heard, i'm offering to pick up the tab to keep the white house tours going next week. i tweeted jay carney asking if they're going to take me up on my offer with the hash tag, open our wh. at one point it was the second highest twitter trend. jay, we're still waiting. i called you this afternoon. i swear, if you call me,'ll pick the phone up during this show. to crystal wright who says the white house is only doing this to keep the fear going. the white house, this is -- not only where the president and the first family lives, it's also a national monument. is this an embarrass independent to country. >> not only to the country. i think the class of six graders set us up. he white house is the people's house, and what the president has said the sky is going to fall from the sequester. then the president, because his approval ratings weren't getting uplated, said, wait a minute,
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nothing is going to happen with the sequester. we're not going to have armageddon or apocalypse. what the president is doing, i need a p.r. stunt. i need a battle. i'm going to cult the white house tours, which actually, eric, they cost $74,000 a week. you know this because you eaverred to subsidize it, but for the president to jump on air force one and play golf with tiger woods, it costs $180,000 an hour, and when mrs. bush accepted -- gave out the oscar for best puck tour, how much do you think it cost for this military personnel to sit behind her and secret services -- >> michelle obama. >> yes. >> work with me here. $180,000 per flight hours. also, you want your head to explode or any of our viewers in if you go to white, press the staff. the staff that the white house employs. there's 28 pages of names. most of them are above
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$100,000 a year, and they're, like, special adviser to the president. does the president need all those advisers? >> no, he doesn't. but what this really makes the president look like is he looks petty and small, he does not look like a leader willing to tackle the tough problems facing this country, which is our enormous debt. he refuses to cut spending, and then wants to manufacture a crisis which the sequester is not causing, and as you point out, there's a lot of waste in the white house. really with the people like valerie jarrett getting paid over $100,000. she could suffer a paycut or two, frankly. >> crystal, there were name after name after name that was 158,000. that's out white house, that's our house. people want to see what goes on inside the house. they want to see the history of it. they should open the doors. >> there's a sixth grade class right now with a petition -- they're from iowa. they have a petition on facebook. they wanted to come, like many
1:15 pm
kids come, like i came with my massclass mates to learn about american history to go to to the capitol and the white house. it's stunning the president is willing for his own narcissism to inflict this false pain on the american people because he refuses to lead, and the blame game, as john boehner said last week, will run out of road on that, mr. president, we're out of road. final to take responsibility. >> take a listen to some sound from earlier today. some of the very last people to get a white house tour. listen. >> i just walked in there and i never felt like so much mag enough sense. >> i don't think it was a reasonable decision. i think there were a lot of other places they could have saved some money. >> was cool. we were the last ones to see the white house. >> $75,000 doesn't seem like really anything. >> i think it's pretty disappointing. >> i suspect what they say herer is not really going to make a difference in the country's
1:16 pm
economy. >> very quick thoughts. >> well, it's really -- brings -- i get the -- it's sad that the american people are denied entry to the focal point of our country and our pride and liberty. >> we're going to leave it there. thank you very much. jay carney, give me a call i'll pick up the phone. >> was the tsa caught with its pant downs because a fake bomb made its way through a magna tomter and a patdown.
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>> to tight in the front. >> all right. >> we can do that out here but if you touch my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> remember that? even when the tsa agents touch your junk, there's chance you're going to flunk. an undercover tsa
1:20 pm
inspector was able to sneak a fake bomb through two security checkpoints despite being patted down. so, two checkpoints, this guy gets patted down, bomb in his underwear, makes it on to an airplane. what is happening at the tsa? i don't know hough it was done and what it really looked like, but the reality, we spoke before this at length many times. the unprofessional people they have, after 9/11, they pushed them in there. a lot of these are ex-security guards, and they become tsa, what they should have done is weed out and get more professionals, for courtesy, more people go by there and you can do things a certain way, pat people done certain ways. other side is the technology. we are in 2013. there are technologies out there that can distinguish between explosives or not. i don't understand why we're not using all this money we're spending to get the technology. these other machines were put
1:21 pm
in -- i think chertoff was his name -- a billion dollars of these machines ran through there, didn't detect -- >> what about the dogs? dogs could have smelled that -- >> i don't know. i don't know about dogs. i think as far as technology goes, and also the big p, profiling. we couldn't use the profile word. >> shouldn't we profile? >> absolutely. i'm looking for a terrorist that wants to hurt americans. i can talk to somebody who -- a little white irish girl and i said, did you pack your bag? no, hi boyfriend was around. and what's your boyfriend's name? abdul, what i'm trying to say is you got to be -- >> what about military? all those military people coming back who need jobs? wouldn't they be better tsa agent inside. >> i was talking to former senator scott rogers. he had a bill that was up front there to bring the military people in there. get rid of these other ones that
1:22 pm
are not qualified, and bring military people. they'd be courteous, the understand the job and they'll formulate this into a professional tsa instead of the one we have. >> we have to go in 15 or 20 second. they just got brand new uniforms. >> did you ever walk through there? there's 40 of them in a line. everyone is on one line. they won't open up three lines, because i'm not lazy, i'm just tired. >> tell us what you really feel next time. >> tenanciy this, nancy says tax cutting is really spending. that's next. have you ever wanted to do this to the weather guy for missing the mark? >> stay over there and do your little weather now. >> you let me out of here at any time? >> i like you in this position. >> i bet you do. for your first day?
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yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> you're looking live at a shot of the white house where the white house tours have been suspended. i guess temporarily. who knows: we're trying to get the doors back open. a lot of people are e-mailing and twittering. bruce says open our white house. jay carpey. thank you, eric, for your offer. >> more than american than ounce whiny president could if be. we need the doors open, president obama. listen. >> tax cuts are spending. tax expenditures they're called. >> that's what nancy calls spending. mike huckabee says it's not spending when you're letting people keep they're hard-earned money. that's a common theme with her. >> the common theme with liberals and the presumption is your money belongs to the government and they let you have
1:27 pm
what they think that you need according to their standard. and that's the most nonsensical thing about how economics functions that one could ever here, -- hear and it's why democrats believe higher taxes are fine because the believe their power to tax is right in keeping with their idea that it is their money. they're just getting -- >> sounds like when they say that, that lowering your taxes, leading you keep more of your money, is spending. they think they deserve all of it and you're lucky to have what they give you. >> absolutely. its their money. if they give you some taxes back, they've spent money because they've let you keep your own in their world in this magical world of liberals, that's spending because you got to keep your money. never occurred to them we're the ones spending our money to pay the taxes to fund a government that is way bigger than it ever should have been. >> check out the examples of things -- they're spending our money on.
1:28 pm
the first one, 2-1/2 billion of -- improper snap payments in 2012. i got a hunch it's higher than that. this one, though. 947,000 -- almost a billion dollars -- million spent in 2012 to study the best food for astronauts to eat on mars. >> the mars bar that simple. >> what about the moon? on for mars? >> only for mars. that's the kind of nut request stuff. whether its the robotic squirrel, $277,000 for could leggraphers, it's clear the government does not have a revenue problem. eric, last year, the government had a record year in revenue. the highest ever. so if we're not balancing the budget with that much more money than they've ever had, giving them more is like giving an
1:29 pm
extra pint of hisie to a 17-year-old with car keys to a mercedes. doesn't make any sense. >> if we're responding 2-1/2 billion bucks here and there 300,000 on these things, balloons for fairs, what about the white house tours? should they be shutting the tour down? >> of course not. doing that strictly because it's a way to create this imagery that, oh, the sequestration is just devastating to the national budget. well, stop the wine tasting the usda is going to have in wine country of california. i think meat inspecificses are more important than wine tasting. those are the decisions the government is making, arbitrarily to try to inflict as much pain on the people as possible. >> we talked about it. why do they want to scare us? why do they want to have us feel it's going to be pain saturday night live. >> the president need for itself to be painful. he said it was going to be. he has basically been caught with so many pinocchios, that now if he says, well, it really
1:30 pm
wasn't that bad. >> i got to go but i want to ask you the republicans also warned us of sequestration. >> most of them because hoff the defense cuts, and there will be consequences. they're not good. because there's no discretion. that's what needs to happen, direction, good judgment. we don't have either one of those things operating in washington right now. >> what's coming up on your show? >> the real answer, three governors, all of whom cut their open budgets and in their states. we'll talk about how you hullly go about cutting a budget. these people know what they're talking about. >> you can catch huckabee saturday and sunday on fox news channel. what do you do when your meteorologist gets it belong do you do this? >> some people didn't get the snow you had called for. >> they were not happy about it. so,. >> what do you have to say for yourself? >> i don't know why you're doing this to me. i don't get it. >> you stay there in your time-out corner.
1:31 pm
>> fox 5 meteorologist in dc, tucker barnes in a time-out. take something jabs from his colleagues after his prediction didn't pan out. >> the storm may have missed d.c. but is hitting massachusetts hard, dropping more than a foot of snow on a couple of of areas. roads and homes flooded along the coast. molly is standing by. reporter: you know, the wind is still whipping but the storm is just beginning to die down. you can see the waves. these were a lot bigger yesterday and through the height of the storm. there was two high tides they were most worried about. last night and this morning. those passed. there's another tide tonight. they're not as worried about major flooding. but there's actually in pretty spectacular video of the ocean coming over the sea walls in massachusetts, marshfield was hit hard. other communities hit hard.
1:32 pm
a tough storm as far as the coastal communities are concerned, and that was expected. the storm did stay longer than people thought it would it dumped a lot more snow than people thought it would. particularly west of the city of boston and north of the city of boston. boston actually cut a little slack. they had school today because they weren't expecting to get as much snow as they did. they won't be able to take a good look at what occurred as a result of the storm until it dies down. in this event there wasn't as much power outage but there was a domino effect. a home swept into the sea because of the storm. the erosion eating away along the beaches and along the coastline. those things have created this compounding effect and made this storm -- although it wasn't a big storm, stale very hard hit for the folks here in massachusetts and along the new england coastline. eric? >> medically, stay safe --
1:33 pm
medically, stay safe. >> inby bin's son-in-law, took credit for killing 3,000 americans on 9/11 and now he is getting the same rights as an american. question mark. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance.
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geico, see how much you could save.
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>> a not guilty plea and a whole lot of rage as bin laden's son-in-law makes his way to a u.s. court not far from ground zero. david lee miller has the latest. under. reporter: suleman abu ghaith
1:37 pm
pled not guilty to a charge of conspiracy to kill americans. this is the first time he appeared in a u.s. courtroom. there was a great deal of security, at least ten court officers by my count. his hand were cuffed behind his back. the prosecutor says that he was brought to the united states exactly one week ago, but did not release further details of his capture. according to widely circulated reports he has been living in iran since 2002. recently he fled to turkey. he was arrested there. the turks were in the process of deporting him to kuwait but while being transported his plane stopped in jordan and that's where or thedly u.s. authorities took custody of him. the government revealed today it's going to take three weeks s to present this case, and among the evidence they have a 22-page post arrest statement, not entirely clear what admissions or disclosures contain. also we expect audio and video
1:38 pm
recordings since he served as osama bin laden's spokesman. not clear to what extent, if any, classified information will be presented during trial, and lastly. the uproar continues as to whether or not this is the proper venue, federal court. critics have argued he is an enemy combatant and should be held in guantanamo. nevertheless, tonight osama bin laden's son-in-law is being held in a federal detension facility in lower manhattan, only blocks from the site of the former twin towers. eric? >> thank you, david lee. does this guy belong in gitmo? ambassador john bolton says get him out of here now. ambassador, can we get him out of here now? isn't it too late once he is here and we read him miranda? >> it may be that the dam has already been done. the think the real question here
1:39 pm
is for future reference, stopping the administration from doing this. this whole prosecution is to prove an ideological point. originally the obama administration wanted to bring people from guantanamo to the southern district of new york and congress effectively stopped that. so what the administration did, i think to make this ideological point that the war on terror is not a war, just part of the criminal justice system, is they deliberately took this guy to new york, rather than sending him to gitmo first. i think there ought to be a firestorm of opposition to this in congress. >> so we are. a lot of people are creating that firestorm. how would it be different for the intelligence community in gitmo vs. how he is being treat at a civilian here? >> well, obviously a defendant in the u.s. criminal justice system has eform mouse constitutional protections, not the least of which is the fifth amendment right against
1:40 pm
self-incrimination. that's not the case for an enemy combatant in guantanamo bay, and the whole range of things we could find out that we could interrogate this guy on over a period of months and months and maybe even years, is now simply going to be denied. he may have revealed some information as part of a plea bargaining process that's still going on. but you can bet that whatever he reveals is utterly insignificant compared to what he knows that we're now probably never going to find out. case in point, he was in iran for a long time. this has been thought to be a very important point. what exactly did iran and osama bin laden arrange together? what was going on there? enormously important to finding out more about al qaeda and more about iran's support for terrorism. sounds to me like that is, among many other points, just off the table at this point. >> ambassador, was in the world trade center for the first
1:41 pm
bombing in 1993. i was across the street in 2001. i went to a lot of those funerals, a lot of memorial services. what too you think the familied of people who lost their lives in 9/11 are thinking and feeling when this man is being tried just a couple blocks from the world trade center site? >> well, they should be particularly outraged. this goes to a fundamental misconception that the obama administration has about terrorism. this is not like knocking over your local 7-eleven. maybe a little bit more than that. this is an attack on the ute. we are in a war, and the way you respond dictates in large part where the war will continue or whether we will successfully shut it down. treating this like a bank robbery i think only encourages the terrorist because it says the united states doesn't have the will power to take the war to the terrorists themselves and that is part of the problem. drone strikes alone, are not
1:42 pm
going to solve this problem. al qaeda has metastasized and we're dealing with it in crane justice context. it's the wrong way to do it. >> ambassador, are we now nor vulnerable because of this? >> i think we will be more vulnerable because we're not going to get the kind of information out of him that we could have. here's a case -- the obama administration has been criticizedded on the drone front for killing some of those terrorists rather than capturing them and subjecting them to the full range of interrogation over an extended period of time, which we're entitled to do, even if you buy the argue. the geneva convention applies. so instead over killing this guy, they bring him to new york, give him fifth amendment rights and other rights and we lose that way, too. >> ambassador, thank you very much. behind bars but still pointing fingers. how a driver convicted in a
1:43 pm
fatal crash is trying to pin the blame on his drinking buddy and the restaurants who served him. the legal eagles are about to try this, coming up next. .. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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>> to new mexico where a drunken driver convicted in this fatal crash in 2010 is suing his drinking buddy ask the restaurants who served him. james ruiz filing a lawsuit against the santa fe apple by's, the blue corn cafe and his friend help says the defendants caused him, quote, emotional distress when they served him booze. but does this guy have a case? legal eagles, let's start with you. you think this guy might have a case. >> i'm reluctant to say this because this is one of the most offensive lawsuits i have seen. new mexico has a law which says any restaurant who knowingly serves a drunk person or continues to serve a drunk
1:47 pm
person and that that person goes out and causes injury, the restaurant done held liable for damages and injuries from third party. the court may in this case -- this is enuke and repugnant -- may extend the law to the drunk guy and actually let him recover for damages. >> no, no. great valiant try here. the diagram stop laws are for the victims of the families. the victims can sue applebies and any other restaurant and the friend. the poor families of the two women who died, they can sue the restaurants. this is not the -- the laws are not meant for the person who is actually out there driving. by the way -- >> what do you think this is all about? >> he is pro say. -- pro se, in prison for 40 years. he wants to get a lesser sentence by saying i'm suffering from this emotional distress being here in prison help killed two people. and he was on bond for his fifth
1:48 pm
dui. i want to know why they let him out. >> he is not going to get anywhere on his criminal conviction. he is trying to recover money damages for his ruined life because of what he did to these people. >> is he looking for money or maybe less time? >> he is looking for money for his, quote, emotional distress, for him having to be incarcerated. him being in jail for what he did, that's something he has to pursue through the criminal court. he went into civil court and is trying to get money from his friend and these restaurants for his -- >> i don't think the money for once has anything to do with this. that's what he filed. i think it's that he is trying to get a court to have some kind of sympathy for him and say we're not going to give you any money but going to give you less time. >> would a criminal court look at a civil court and say -- >> they absolutely should not. this case should get thrown out in summary judgment. >> criminal court doesn't care
1:49 pm
what you sue over. suing goes in civil court. he got 0a cop visitation. it's going to -- got a conviction. he might be able to stepped the law and maybe get somewhere, but i'm telling you, eric, only for money. there's no way of recourse to win this. >> got the law right in front half me. it's for people. for the victims -- >> it doesn't matter. you can't recover money damages in a criminal court. the only way -- >> right. i mean the dramshop. >> no way. at it for the people who are hurt. >> if agree the law was designed to protect third parties. this is a creative, although disgusting way to try to get money out of the system. >> can you imagine if he prevails how many more cases would pop up? >> it would open the flood gates to this litigation and people who are con viced of drunk driving would actually get nerve now if this happened. >> i'm not a gambling person but
1:50 pm
i'll take this one. this guy ills not going to prevail. >> how much dot this cost. he uses a public defend center. >> he cooperate find a lawyer. the public defender is only for criminal cases. he is doing this pro se. just how low this is. he hand to hand write this. >> i can't imagine a lawyer filing this type of lawsuit. >> but we should point out. there are laws, the dramshop laws, that would appropriate people from serving someone who is ininebriated. >> and this laws for a good reason because restaurants, there's liability and sentence on their part if they knowingly serve someone who is visibly drunk. >> i think this is a great lawsuit for the victims of families of these poor women that lost their lives. but not this guy. >> have to leave it there. >> it's going to be interesting. >> stacy and lisa, it's a tossup. now jobs lost. four years ago being blamed on this week's sequester. how does that work?
1:51 pm
wait until you hear who in the obama administration is touting that claim. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef bere opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find se good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work
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to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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1:54 pm
>> one week in and the scare tactics still over the top. remember this from the secretary of education? >> there are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, getting notices they can't come back this fall. >> and now he is back pedaling. >> if if said pink slips-the-wrong word. we had a little drama. got it. lessons learned. got it. >> got it? well, apparently arne duncan did not get it. look at his blog today, blaming school job cuts even though those happened four years ago. scott brown.
1:55 pm
wow. everything you can blame on the sequester. by the way, everything bad going forward, too? >> i know arne duncan, play basketball with him at the local y, a great athlete, a good guy, have a lot of respect for him in this case i have to respectfully disagree. the scare tactics need to stop, and if he is so concerned he needs to call up the president and say give me the transfer authority and allow me to make the cuts in the department of education shy can do my job. the president said he wants the republicans to take the fall and that wrong. >> but, scott, he was out there saying that there were going to be cuts and named the school district, i believe -- >> a lot of people saying those things. >> hold on. when they were -- the school district was contacted they said, no, there weren't any cuts. any cuts had nothing too do with sequester. >> so part of the whole way they're trying to scare people and it needs to stop. >> i'll ask you the third person. why are they trying to scare the pentagon?
1:56 pm
>> if you talk to governor christie, the governor said, why don't you get the abilities to make the change, be the leader we need you to be? he said no, at it on you. i want this to be on you, the run 's, so the american public blame this republicans. we're americans first and we have to figure this out. there's plenty of money. of you can't cut $85 billion from the budget -- we did this for a reason. we were going into default. the credit raiding industries were going to downgrade it so we said we're going to do this crazy thing called sequester, and we're going to get this great committee, going to make these cuts, judiciously. but it failed. >> a couple of examples of school districts -- jobs cut, but they were cut years and years ago. >> misrepresentation. >> why does he do this? misrepresented on janitor cuts at the white house, misrepresented on teacher custodies, misrepresented on why the white house doors are actually shut to tours right now. >> at it very sad and
1:57 pm
frustrating. we need leadership and i feel the president knees to be the leader. what's his legacy going to be? going to get a handle on entitlement reform or a handle on the sequestration? make people feel the pain and then as the continuing resolution comes up, they're going to do a -- >> why did they close the white house doors. >> to prove a point. >> the point being? >> point being that we're going to show you that sequestration is real and even though we can do other things to not affect these cuts we're going to show you evisceral level. >> is it that or don't ever play with us on spending because it might not be the white house, might be the national parks. >> they're making cuts everywhere, and you point it -- i've been listening to you and seeing other reports. the uniforms of the tsa, everybody that has money, the whole line of -- there's
1:58 pm
plenty -- coburn has a report how to save that fraud, waste and abuse during the top to bottom revow of every federal project, squeezing out those cost wes don't knee before you come to us and say, by the way, we need more of your hard-earned money. enough. >> i actually petitiones -- i offered to pay for the white house tours for a week. the secret service. i'm still waiting for jay carney to call me. there's a hash tag, hash tag open our white house. it is our white house. >> absolutely the people's house. >> we have to leave trip. by the way, folks, by the way, mr. scott brown will be back with me tomorrow morning on cashing in, you can get scott, myself, and the rest of the cashing in crew at 11:30 eastern. that's going to do it for us here. i'll head over to "the five." the white house, the doors are shut. let's get the house open, everybody. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
1:59 pm
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